Debut album EXO-K - M EXO-100 Thousand Sold Coffee - New Boyband giant K-Pop agency, SM Entertainment thatEXO with their debut album MAMAsold 100 thousand copies within a month after its release.
Launched, the first mini album EXO that MAMA was released on April 9, according to SM Ent has the following details: EXO-Kmanaged to sell 71 473 copies and EXO-M sells 38 807 copies with a total of 112 800 copies on Wednesday (9/5 ) yesterday.
This achievement can be considered quite satisfactory, because EXO-Kand EXO-M is the debut boyband boyband and have to compete with other agency which also debuted.
Previously, the album EXO-K could also be in a position above the monthly album sales chart in April Gaon and EXO-M is in the 6th position.
EXO-K itself will perform at the Dream Concert 2012 on Saturday (12/5) and will later perform a rendition of their senior's hits, popular idol groupSuper Junior titled Sorry, Sorry .

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