Video: Teentop Come Cover Dance Contest Big Bang? - YG Entertainment recently held a competition event for the dance cover songs Big Bang is in the album ALIVE . Event entitled Global Cover Event attracted the attention of the fans Big Bang all over the world.
Surprisingly, as reported by, apparently boyband Teen Top of Korea which is famous for their hits, Going Crazy , seems also to participate in this contest. The fans were surprised how Teen Top has a pretty solid schedule can be had this contest.
Recently the video that contains some member of Teen Top looks are making a cover for the song Big Bang , Baby Fantastic , sticking out in cyberspace. 3 The youngest member of Teen Top is Niel , Ricky andChangjo really make a cover that was almost perfect, especially in terms of expression.
Not only that, they also use their dance skills are no doubt the quality, to make the dance in the songs become more interesting. Of course a lot of VIP (call for fans of Big Bang ) are praised and appreciated their hard work.

LOL ! Tak tau nak post apa dah . Jadi lihatlah berita KPOP terbaru . :)

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