Jay Park, Yesung and Sungmin Watch 'Catch Me If You Can'

Kapanlagi.com - Singer Jay Park joined with Yesung  and Sungmin Super Junior  in the backstage musical CATCH ME IF YOU CAN  , starring Kyuhyun .
Tuesday (17/04), revealed from Yesung  who wrote on his twitter, "When I watch a musical Kyuhyun , Yul Jung Hyung and Hyung Rae Bub. WithSungmin  and Jay Park ! Yeah! " he wrote.
In the photo it appears Jay Park , Sungmin  and Yesung  players gathered together CATCH ME IF YOU CAN . Kyuhyun  who plays Frank Abagnale Jr.. was in the middle and a big smile. Meanwhile, Lee Jung Yul role as Frank Sr.. Bub and Kim Rae became FBI agent named Carl Hanratty.

In addition to Kyuhyun  musical also stars other SM Entertainment artists ieKey SHINee  and SNSD Sunny , and will be continuously displayed until the 10th of June.

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