If 2PM Nichkhun Tirukan Roman statue!

Kapanlagi.com - What if Nichkhun 2PM  is actually a work of sculpture from the Roman era? Mind is triggered by Nichkhun  own late tweetnya that accompanied a unique photo.
Nichkhun  wrote on Twitter on Thursday (19/04), "Who is interested in the field of sculpture? Or draw a statue?" Provide an amusing photo of himself with three Roman statues.
Nichkhun  seen playing near the three Roman statues, and try to change the expression of his face like a Auguste Rodin (sculpture The Thinker).But the fans seem to sink to even comment on the photo is from the focus to the question posed by Nichkhun .
"It is more like sculpture of the statue in fact,", "I want to draw on all sides," and "Is he proud of that handsome face?" write the fans. In Korea itself is a compliment if someone said to have a face like a sculpture.
Nak buat fanfics ! ! ! AAAAAAAAAAA -.- Bagi idea . TENSION ! =.=

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