5 Poster Official SHINee in 'I AM' release

Kapanlagi.com - Fifth poster member SHINee  SM Entertainment to film documentaries have been released. On April 9, SM Entertainment is the fifth poster to invite fan anticipation for the movie, which will show the other side of life for SM Entertainment artists.
First and second poster was released earlier by SM Entertainment featuring all the singers who are on SM Entertainment. This time, the individual poster SM Entertainment released featuring singer respectively, starting from the personnel SHINee .
In each of the individual posters messages are different from each personnel SHINee . Leader SHINee , Onew , show confidence and enthusiasm by writing ' I'm a genius '. Jonghyun  show its efforts to improve its quality as a singer with "I have 50,000 songs on my mp3 player.
SHINee Onew
SHINee Jonghyun
Key  shows pride can perform at Madison Square Garden, New York with, "My friends say 'do not lie' when I say I will show in Madison Square Garden in New York. Minho  writes, "Since its debut until now, the time seems to run as in the film ', while Taemin  wrote, 'I want my life to be dramatic.
SHINee Minho  SHINee Taemin
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